Welcome to the future

Welcome to the future

Technical and technological change is progressing relentlessly and is leading to a fundamental optimization and modification of existing technologies and the development of new ones, will shape our everyday lives and industry in the future and play a more important role.

Many fields of technology are developing faster than ever before and new ones are constantly being added.

The current technical and technological change is about those future technologies that will shape the economy and generate growth in the coming decades. They are generally geared towards efficiency and sustainability.

Economists and analysts for innovation and systems research have therefore focused their scientific studies and work on the identification and economic evaluation of future technologies.

The ambitious energy and climate policy goals that Germany is aiming to achieve in the medium term in the national economy and, in particular, in business areas such as mobility, energy generation and storage, recycling, CO₂ management, digitalization, robotization and automation are just some of the facets of technological change and require changes in energy generation and a fundamental restructuring of our current energy system.

For these reasons, renewable energies from wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass and geothermal energy play a decisive role in medium-term considerations of future energy supply strategies to achieve climate neutrality. Furthermore, green hydrogen is a crucial component as a global building block, particularly in the decarbonization of the energy system of our national economy as a climate-neutral energy source.

Enormous quantities of metallic raw materials are also needed for the climate-friendly energy transition. copper, cobalt, rare earths, lithium and others. The increasing scarcity and growing global demand for these raw materials are making the transformation process in Germany more difficult, leading to energy and foreign policy dependencies. For these reasons, the domestic extraction of existing raw materials and the circular economy must be stepped up.